Heart Loving MomentEdit

'Author: Frozenfern

Status: Just Started

Series: Love Sires

Allegiances: Heart Loving Moment Allegiance

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Gingerheart just found her Prince Charming Blackheart warrior of FlowerClan, but he loves a dark Forest cat name Greyheart

Rated: RO for Romance


Blue-grey she-cat look around. "Oakheart, I think we should not tell the FlowerClan about Blackheart turning bad cause of his crush."

Oakheart mewed, "I agree what about his other crush Gingerheart from his brith clan. Bluestar its kindy of like what to ThunderClan cats. Icestar was Firestar was her great great granddaughter."

Yellowfang snarled, "What should we do then?"

Bluestar mewed, "We should not tell deal."

Feathertail mewed, "Deal I hope nothing goes wrong with anything."

The others nodded.

But something does go wrong.

Chapter 1: Gingerheart's Prince Charming: Gingerheart POVEdit

thumb|300px|right Icestar mewed, "Gingerheart, Frozenfern, Redheart, Frozenriver, Icebarrier, Thrushpaw, Thistlepaw, Sugarheart and Sweet, Featherpaw, Hawkpaw, and Russetpaw would be going to the gathering tonight."

I nodded, "But Icestar you are leaving two warriors behind."

Yeah I get to see Sugarhope and Thornpelt of FlowerClan. My best friends from that clan. Also I wonder if Blackheart would be there also.

"Did someone say my name." It was Thistlepaw.

I said, "You are going to the gathering."

Frozenfern and Frozenriver walk into the clearing. They must of wake up from sleeping or dawn patrol. My father is crazy, oh well then.


It was time for the gathering. Gingerheart ran to Thornpelt and Sugarhope with Sugarheart and Redheart.

I mewed, "Thornpelt, Sugarhope how are you?"